Church History

On July 9, 1967 a group of nineteen dedicated Christians knelt to pray in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Blair, Jr., asking the Lord that all be one accord. All those present agreed to start a church. Officers were elected, a pastor was appointed and a church schedule was set up by mutual consent. They voted to give 10% of their receipts to a mission fund to be distributed to those who were in real need.

Ward Phillips, a member of that group, was asked to be the pastor. He recommended that the church vote each year on the officers, teachers and even the pastoral position.

Seven names were nominated for the church name and the eventual selection was: Full Gospel Baptist Church. The name was changed the next year to Spring Creek Baptist Church.

The church met in homes for several months and agreed in September to purchase 4 acres on Lazy Lane. Before they were able to move onto this land they met at Little Camp Penid, a non-denominational camp used for the once a month civic meeting. They also met for a time under a tent purchased for $100. The building on Lazy Lane was finished in 1969.

The church voted to call Ward Phillips as the first full time minister in September 1969. He was to be paid "the balance of the monthly income after bills have been paid. To be no less than $25 monthly or no more than $75 monthly until the first of the year". In March 1970, he resigned as pastor and Spring Creek was faced with a decision. Roger Blair saw two choices: 1) allowing the land to go back to its original owner and disbanding the church; or 2) to pray together, get in one accord and find a pastor for the church. After meeting with representatives from Spring Baptist Church, the group decided to join the Southern Baptist Convention, Union Association and receive help from Spring Baptist in going forth as a body.

In July of 1970 the church called Hollis Bass as pastor. He was ordained later that summer. By his recommendation the church began sending 7% of offerings to the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program, 3% to the Union Baptist Association and 2% to the benevolence fund. The next year he resigned to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with the blessings of the church. Gene Perraraz, Herb Bullock, Byron Allen and Dr. MGary Ford followed as pastors in the succeeding years. The church decided in 1973 to accept a package deal from the Texas Baptist Mission Department to relocate and build at 1431 Rayford Road. In moving, the church also agreed to join the Tryon-Evergreen Baptist Association. During their pastorates the church built the initial man building, extended that building and purchased two portable buildings for educational space.

Spring Creek has historically been active in mission efforts. This activity is evidenced in the giving to missions and the sponsoring of missions. In 1975 the church decided to help sponsor a mission church in The Woodlands, TX. In 1976 it voted to help underwrite the Hazy Hollow Baptist Church in Magnolia, TX. In 1977 the church voted to help the church in The Woodlands receive a loan. Today the church sends 10% of its offerings to cooperative mission efforts in this area and around the world. Spring Creek has had a program for the deaf, licensed and/or ordained nineteen men and recommended four men to seminary.

In 1980 the church called Mike Mercer as pastor and enjoyed several years of outstanding growth. During his tenure as pastor the church built and paid for the gymnasium and the children's building, known as the "Outback". The church also began the AWANA program in 1983.

In December of 1992, the church called Stephen Brazzel as pastor. In February of 1993 the church adopted a new vision statement to grow up in maturity as disciples and to group out into the North Harris and South Montgomery counties and to the world with the gospel message of hope, purpose, forgiveness and abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Michael Borghese was call as pastor in March of 2015. The Rayford Rd. corridor is located in one o the fastest growing counties in Texas. Spring Creek Baptist Church strives to connect to these new families by sharing the Gospel of Christ, and reaching out to those who are seeking a new church home.